Phrase Book


One book
15 languages
300 phrases
10 categories

The Phrase Book is a pocketbook in 15 languages designed for easy and fun conversation across different languages. With 300 fun and useful sentences divided in 10 categories it's easy to cross translate any sentence from one language to any other language.

How does the book work?

All languages have 10 categories each with 30 numbered phrases. So it's easy to match the same phrase in any other language. This setup works the same way for all users, regardless of their original language. The book covers most basic expression and conversations including greetings, dinner, business, dating, swear words and much more.

15 Languages

CHN - Chinese
CZE - Czech
DAN - Danish
DUT - Dutch
ENG - English
FIN - Finnish
FRE - French
GER - German
ICE - Icelandic
ITA - Italian
NOR - Norwegian
POL - Polish
POR - Portuguese
SPA - Spanish
SWE - Swedish

10 Categories